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Alban joined the 105 year old family business, Ince in 1976. Ince’s roots were in printing and the family deployed him to the London College of Printing in 1977 where he completed a two year diploma in printing management. Alban has worked at Ince for 47 years and in that time, he led the Ince team through many innovations that have enabled Ince to remain relevant in the market it serves, which is listed companies and their communications with various stakeholders. In 2013, Ince transitioned into a digital business and exited the printing industry. Since that time a partnership with Halls developed and this led to Halls investing in Ince and the creation of Coaxle, the business that Alban helps to lead today.

Alban is an adventurer by nature and has a passion for sailing, diving, cycling and motor biking and loves to pursue these passions in adventures in Africa and other interesting destinations. It goes without saying that at the heart of Alban’s life is his immediate family of his wife and two adults sons, as well as the wider family.

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